247tickets is now The Dream VR official partner for the VR/360º tickets sale in China.

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Barcelona/China – March 23, 2018

247tickets is one of the most important ticketing platform in China, with more than 17 millions users. Starting from March 25th, 247tickets will start selling the first premium content tickets and therefore positioning itself as the leader in this new challenge of virtual events tickets sale.

The Dream VR is producing a wide range of high-quality contents which will be available for sale on 247tickets platform. Its users will be able to enjoy premium channels such as Real Madrid CF, Fórmula 1, Disney and many more!

The Dream VR team is based in Madrid, Barcelona and Miami. Its branded VR APP counts with more than 2 millions download and is available on all major VR and 360º platforms (iOS, Android, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Topying, Pico u pronto PSVR), besides being available for download on any Samsung Smart TV and Apple TV.

Albert Palay, CEO THE DREAM VR

“ Dream VR is hyper to be the first company to offer traditional players in ticketing events entry into the VR/360º experience ticketing with our broad portfolio of premium content first in China for 247ticket users to enjoy. We are very pleased to partner with 247tickets, being the latter one of the most famous ticketing platform in China, with a potential reach of 17 millions users in the Asian territory. We are sure that this is the beginning of a very profitable collaboration and we are thankful to 247tickets for being our Asian associate for this exciting new challenge! ”