Pablo and Albert, Albert and Pablo - Nobody knows where they begin nor end. They met at a technology fair, where jointly closed what would be their first VR content. Since then, they have never been apart, they feed each other in a magic way, potentializing themselves.

They talked about the evolution of television and found out that in spite of black&white to color change, no other advance was made during the last 100 years! Why isn’t it possible to watch a Spanish channel while being in US? Why am I not able to personalize my channel playlist? Why can’t I buy what I see on the screen? Why do I have to follow a schedule to watch my favorite TV programs?

This is how The Dream VR was created. Two unstoppable men who believe that if you can dream it you can do it. Two men whose in their dictionary does not exist the word NO or IMPOSSIBLE and there is no mental or human barriers.

The Dream VR is the television of the future...and the future is now. A new, revolutionary experience where you decide what to watch, where and when. A television where you can buy everything you see on the screen. It is not created to be watched but to be lived, felt and shared using only your eyes.

The Dream VR is the first Virtual Reality and 360º TV in the world.

Immerse yourself in the new Virtual Reality World.

Welcome to The Dream VR!