Produ interviews Alberto Palay, CEO and Founder of the Dream VR.

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Alberto Palay, CEO of The Dream VR defines the company as the TV of the future, the TV whose mission is to offer the virtual reality entertainment to the whole world. "The Dream VR is the world's first virtual reality and 360º TV" says Palay

To enjoy The Dream VR content it is necessary to download The Dream VR App which is available on iTunes Store, Google Play, Google Daydream, Oculus and Samsung Smart TVs. "We have a native player available on Samsung Smart TVs around the world as well as on all virtual reality platforms. Content is divided into the following channels: food, sports, music, education, business, entertainment, fashion, art, travel and news. The Dream VR also offers a live streaming virtual map of the live broadcast where you can access to any live event that is happening in the world," said Palay.

The Dream VR will be also interactive. "You can chat with friends in different parts of the world while viewing content."