THE DREAM VR Links with CD LEGANÉS until the end of the season to run 360º and VR Content.

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THE DREAM VR, first virtual Television in the world has arrived into an agreement with CD LEGANÉS for the rest of the season 2016-2017, with the possibility to extend for the coming years, to produce 360º & VR content on behalf of the “Pepinero” Team.

Since November 2016 both brands are working together as THE DREAM VR launched a content capsule in the visit to Real Madrid Stadium in November in coincidence with the takeoff of the main sponsor of the CD Leganés.

The Dream VR will use this five month-long sponsorship agreement with CD Leganés as the initial step of a desire of a long relationship with the Spanish Football. Launched in 2016, The Dream VR is the first Virtual Reality TV in the World, with presence in all available VR Platforms: Oculus, Daydream, IOS, Android and Smart TV’s. THE DREAM VR brokers the deal, seeing a prime opportunity to connect with Spanish Football with a broader international audience.

THE DREAM VR, has created 360º & VR content on behalf of CD Leganés on stadiums like Santiago Bernabéu and Camp Nou providing an immersive experience to the fans as if they were in the same place than the players.

Albert Palay, CEO of The Dream VR says: “Dream VR is the perfect platform for La Liga Clubs, for their football fans to enjoy and be closer to their clubs and live different experiences in VR & 360. We are excited to be partnering with one of the most exciting clubs in La Liga, competing with their big neighbors in Madrid (Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid) in one of the best football leagues in the world.”

Victoria Pavón, President of CD Leganés says: In the last seasons CD Leganés has been trying to stay in touch with the new technologies. We are excited in become the first club in the Spanish Football League with a Virtual Reality Channel, and we really believe that The Dream VR will create exciting contents for our fans that we hope they enjoy as we will be opening the doors to the areas that they can’t access physically.