We are happy to announce the second mini-movie produced by Baobab Studio, Asteroid.

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2 weeks ago we officially opened the Kids Channel in our Application. Among all the different themes present in our App we think that the Kids Channel is one of the most important, for two reasons.

First of all, because the children of today are the adults of tomorrow, and is very important give them high-quality content to watch. Second, because the children of now a day are never tired of discovering. They want always more and their learning capacity is always greater.

Fr example for them, to watch a simple content and don't be able to touch or interact with the screen is really unsatisfactory. For this, we are convinced that the 360º and the VR are, now a day, an adequate response to the continuous desire to know about today's kids. From this belief, as if by magic, the meeting with Baobab studio, an animation company that contains technology, creativity and above all the desire to surprise his audience. In conclusion our perfect partner!

Founded in 2015 by Eric Darnell and Maureen Fan, Baobab Studios is a VR animation company that creates stories and character-driven cinematic experiences. From the experience of Fan in gaming and the artistic talent of Darnell, the director of such DreamWorks animated features as the four "Madagascar” franchise films and “Antz”, born Baobab Studio. With the belief that everyone can enjoy VR, they made as first, Invasion short movie and then Asteroid short movie. Thanks to this videos, you will able to enjoy this mini-movie through quality animation, comedic timing, beautiful art, and a fantastic story. Baobab Studio has as main goal - "to tell great stories through characters that audiences connect with, care about, and maybe even come to love. The great challenge and great potential for VR storytelling is not simply to achieve this goal, but also, to do it in a way that actually lets the viewer become a part of the story With ASTEROIDS!, this is a step towards achieving this goal."

Asteroid tells the story of 3 cute aliens. It shows their "normal" life into the spaceship, how they play and have fun when suddenly they are attacked by teeth-gnashing space bugs careening asteroids. The 3 aliens manage to escape the first attack but, after the first disaster, the danger has not passed yet, as in the deep space dangers are innumerable.

Discover what happened to our aliens, follow them in the space mission, and live the magic in VR or 360º thanks The Dream VR.