Countertalk, the new entertainment cooking show by Gabriele Corcos, now in 360º and VR on The Dream VR!

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For the first time Gabriele Corcos’ show is now available in 360º and VR on The Dream VR!

Gabriele Corcos is an Italian chef and showman, who has firstly produced a series in 2D (“The Tuscan Gun”, which is the name of his storefront Italian café in Brooklyn) where he acted jointly with his wife Debi Mazar. These videos were shot partly travelling through Tuscany and partly in Corcos and Mazar's Los Angeles kitchen.

He has recently started a live-streaming show on Facebook-live every Tuesday, called COUNTERTALK, which is a 2D cooking-entertainment show, lasting hour, where he cooks and entertains his guest with live music, cocktails and some special guests: Link to Facebook

Now Gabriele is partnering with The Dream VR to produce in 360º some clips recorded during the 2D Facebook live show; take a look at his channel and discover new recipes and get immersed in the trendy bistrot-café in Brooklyn. Every episode will entertain you in a different way!