Scientist in search of the wine of tomorrow

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Euronews brings you a daily dose of international news from another perspective. Now, it’s available in 360º and Virtual reality a new content about “The wine of tomorrow”.

Did you know Bordeaux wine is facing a risk because of the global warming? In the past decades, growers are finding bigger challenges as a result of it. Have you ever imagined if tomorrow’s wine contain more alcohol and is sweeter because of earlier grape picking season? That’s because warmer temperatures ripen the grapes faster.

Thanks to Euronews and The Dream VR you can find out how the scientist has been researching how wineries in the region an adapt to higher temperatures and drier summers. Nowadays, are growing 52 types of grape varieties from various countries on experimental land, they are trying to create the wine of the future. In the video you will meet Agnés Destrac-Irvine, a research engineer and Serge Detroit, head of Vitadept Project which are both studying the molecular structures of the climate change, researchers are trying to create the wine with the most clime resistant.

It’s time you experience a new way to watch news, Euronews is the pioneer in creating 360 video content and is the first international news roo to fully incorporate the 360 video news into its production workflow in 2016.

You can find in The Dream VR app a total of 14 Euronews videos full of interesting and content of general interest which offers in-depth coverage and analysis from correspondents and news bureaus all over the world. Stay tuned to new content during the next weeks.